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Really loving this game, Would love some sort of additional build in between runs as well. maybe  a way to buy boons for a run or something.

Is there a way of synchronizing your progress between the android and desktop versions?

Yes, when you go to the Almanac, go to Stats and scroll down. You can click Copy Achievements, it'll copy it to your keyboard on your computer or phone, then post them somewhere (I use Discord), go on the relevant device, highlight it, click Copy, and in the same section of Stats, click Load Achievements.

There's also a mode you unlock once you get enough Achievements that lets you do the same thing, but for individual runs instead. So you could start a run on one device, and finish it on the other.

That's quite tedious, especially if you jump between the platforms often.
Better than nothing I guess.

Glory be to Reto!

Is 2.0 coming to android? if not can I somehow get windows version for free. I don't wanna buy it twice.


To get the Android version, you have to download the 2.0 APK and transfer it to your Android phone, once that's done run the APK on your phone, it'll ask you something like "do you trust this program to be installed on your phone?", say yes, and boom, Slice and Dice 2.0 on your mobile device!

Just did it myself!


When I try to install "" the installation throws an error:

"mkdir [...]\\itch\\apps\\slice-dice\\jre\\lib\\images: The system cannot find the path specified."

When I look into said directory - "images" exists as an empty file. But it should be a directory. At least it was in the previous versions.

I really would like to play the new version.


If I've purchased this through Android, is there a way to redeem here?

Additionally, for those who did purchase this through the Android Play Store, will the 2.0 update be released there as well?

I didn't see anything in the almanac or help pages, so how does letting enemies flee work? What are the reasons to say yes or no? I'm guessing letting them flee just helps you end combat a little quicker, but what is the trade-off? Does it slow down the hero upgrades or something if they flee?

according to the folks on Discord, there's no trade-off

So you might as well just always let them flee?


(apparently there is an achievement for letting lots flee)


Found a bug. My Collector was equipped with the Fletching item and even though the attack was marked as ranged I couldn't attack the unit in the back row

I see what's going on, its not bugged, you had to hit the enemy in the front row because of heavy.

Good point. I didn't see that.

Well it is true that this is probably the issue here, but the error text still isn't quite accurate then

fantastic update; really enjoying it!

2.0 won't install - Windows 10


So, great game, I have the Android version, but i bought the game before version 2.0, and it won't update. Bought it on google play. Any thoughts?

It will probably update eventually. Official stores like Google Play might take time to verify and publish content; so unless the dev plans on adding a beta branch there, I would imagine they'll wait for a stable release.


Saw this game on Retromation!

Adding my voice to the folks who can't launch version 2.0, the Mac version in my case.

i bought the game before the 2.0 launch, and i already have it downloaded on mac, how do i get the update?

It is the dice-beta200 files. Didn't buy game before 2.0, so I don't know if stat transfer is possible.

I installed the game. but it keeps crashing after starting the game... How can I fix that


Quite an amazing game. Addictive as heck. 

One small issue, the 2.0 Mac demo doesn't appear to launch. 


BTW it appears as if the problem is that the JRE files in the app aren't marked as executable files

I just saw the Alt Mac demo download and that version does work


What an absolutely brilliant game. Really enjoying this Tann, thanks.

2.0 beta on Android seems to keep the run timer keep going even when the game is closed. 

 Other than that, game is rad.

Rite + cantrip, what happens?


Okay so I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this issue but theres something with the zip encoding/creation of the win version of the beta that's wreaking havoc. I have no doubt that it extracts properly on windows, but when I try to extract the windows version on either Mac or linux it does NOT restore the files to the correct folder paths but rather it renames them to that jre/engine/filename... this makes it unusable even with proton. I have tried multiple utilities on linux with multiple options (keep path, ignore path, detect subfolders, etc) with the same results.

The prior version extracted and runs fine on steam deck, and I've played it quite a bit. I think this one will too if I can get it to extract properly. I hope that this is something that can be resolved on the developers side. Love this game!

Installing 2.0 beta resets "play" button to "install". Doesn't seem to work.

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Hey. I'm a professional musician of 15+ years, would you like a soundtrack making for this? I've been gaming since the 90s always wanted to make one. I work super fast (I release 3 tracks a week in the normal music world). I can do all styles, though I think a megadrive style FM synth vibe would be ace for this 

let me know if you're interested.


Not seeing a v2 when I open the game only 1.0.3.


I love when a good roguelike gets updated, you have to put effort again to learn the new tricks and synergies. My only question is, the patch notes mentioned that my old acheivements would get a prompt, but I didn't get any. Any way to get those back, as well as the modes I already unlocked? Thanks!

found it ^^ 


i bought it but their is no new version on the site , can someone help me `? there must be v2  but i have only 1.0.3

Performance is suffering on the Mac version, but otherwise all of the changes are good. The game is definitely more difficult, but it's a much more level difficulty curve; no particularly swingy encounters so far and all of the new classes are great.

I'm particularly loving the alternate starting classes.

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I've bought the game, but can't update it to the new version, how can i fix that? (I have the 1.0.3 version of the game)

I can't update either. Using the itch app on windows.


I wonder if it's because the file has a different name. Maybe try downloading it from the website. 

It works from the website. I tried removing it from the app and redownloading through the app. It works fine that way, too.



Nevermind. Doesn't work on redownload from the app, but website download works.

App says "An error occurred during installation mkdir [directory here]\Itch\slice-dice\jre\lib\images: The system cannot find the path specified."

You have to be logged in, with the same account when you bought the game. Then, you will find the game in your library. You can download the new version right there for free. I did it 5 min. ago.

Seems to work now, thank you! :)


oh wow the update! Feels like the game got a lot harder, although this might just be because I'm so used to familiar strategies. In 1.0.3 I won on easy most of the time, in the beta I win more like 20% even on easy. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it can make it a bit less welcoming to new players.

There are modes that you can unlock that make the game easier, and a tickbox to unlock everything in the options for this reason!

Beta opens, starts and crashes after first dice roll on pixel 6 pro.


The Mac Beta package does not seem to launch. The mainline 1.0.3 still launches fine.

For what it's worth, I had my 1.0.3 file in Applications and when I unzipped the Beta it was automatically named "SliceAndDice 2" and wouldn't launch (even after I confirmed that I wanted to open an app from an unverified developer). I renamed the old app to "SliceAndDice 1.0.3" and the beta to "SliceAndDice" and then I could launch the beta.


Thank you, that did work. I suppose the game has some package lookup routine that looks for the exact name.


I didn't realise the update would send an email to everyone, oops! Big new update, I'm going to wait to post patch notes until the released version comes out, but you can find the current patch notes in-game.

lol I only got around to downloading 1.0.3 yesterday

Oh my god. I am so excited. No clue how many hours I've played on mobile, but I know it's a LOT. Only three Unfair settings I haven't managed to clear so I've kinda "worn out" the existing game, and yet the gameplay loop and tactile gamefeel keep dragging me back in! Excited for the update, good luck!

What happened to Save/Load Progress?!  Update clears progress.  Too many changes to the core app for saved progress to be uuseable, maybe?  Need this option to keep all my devices in sync.

Are there patch notes? What did the update do?


You can check out the patch notes after you launch the game by tapping the ‘Book’ icon and then the ‘ALMANAC’ menu.

thank you! :

How surprise the update is!

Wait what? Look at that changelog! Love you for bringing so much new content! <3

Where did you find the changelog? Looked for it but couldn't find anything, even ingame it still shows the 1.0.3 changelog

Download the new files, its the 2.0 release.

I downloaded all of them, but can't find a changelog.


patch notes are in game, in the menu look at the Almanac tab and you'll see a section for "patch"


W00t. Exiting update. iPad coming soon too?


Man, I thought about making a game like this a while ago, you beat me to it.

Really wish this game was getting more updates.

It's great, but really needs just a little bit more polish to be astounding. At the higher levels of difficulty especially, there isn't much in the way of strategy, so much as just hoping you get lucky.

There are also certain builds and combinations that are outright broken, from both the player and enemy's perspective.

they work on an update, u Can see that on discord.

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