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Love the game! When playing loot mode Easy is too hard and Heaven is too easy. I really wish there was an unfair equivalent where you could pick blessings adding up to 10. I know this doesn't really fit with the same difficulty settings over all modes but I think this addition would make loot mode difficult but fair.


Just played the demo tonight, VERY fun! I look forward to seeing how the game expands in the full version (


Fun game but I thought Lich was oppressive in the demo. Then I met Hexia in the full game!!

How are you even supposed to win when they are so many chances to get get nailed with a bad run?!

I like rogue-likes for the idea of perma-death/rng... But it seems like the game is only scaled for the highest end of heroes and item combinations. It's practically proven by the challenge modes requiring you to take on curses rather than scaling up encounters.

So many of the heroes are just plain bad, none of their dice sides provide any value.

I really like the gambler because it feels balanced. Especially when you give him the Ace but there needs to be a way to make them viable and not just taking the same heroes every run because the other options are just terrible.

Also, some of the bosses passives are just not fun. Full damage reflection with no cap? If I hit for 20dmg then I take 3x my life total in damage while I still haven't even scratched the total damage needed to win the round.

Some bosses battles end up with me needing to put in 50 damage total and my damage output is limited to about 7 and the opponents are putting out 26 damage.

It just feels really not fun to be getting battered with no chance to win.

My suggestion would be to rework some of the early heroes, make them more viable. Give better scaled up items in the end game, lower the odds of getting gimmic items; or just find some way (incorporate machine learning) to have the game dynamically scale (deal items, heroes, and encounters) in a way that more viable builds exist and the game isn't limited to only a few solutions.

It just feels like the Sub-Hard difficulties don't have enough solutions to complete a full run, especially around encounter 16+.

The game just becomes insurmountable and feels bad.

Other than that, I have had a lot of fun with the game! I beat Hard difficulty in the Demo but I have yet to complete a single run in the full game. Couldn't even beat easy mode.


The game is not that difficult. I'm not master of this type of game, but I still won the custom classic mode and custom mode on hard difficulty. Even got 3X and 4X achievements in custom mode (4X: choose 4 heroes of the same color to win hard game). The balance of the game is well, and the process of game is indeed not that easy, and sometimes need some luck. Because the player has the ways of healing and defense, it is normal that the damage is not as high as that of the monster.


Monsters have healing, summoning, better abilities, more hp... I don't know what "custom" is because I play the normal game and it's damn hard and haven't beat level 20 once on normal.

is there plans to release on iOS? 

Hey Everyone,

I bought this game first on Google Play, how do I activate the license for the pc version?


I am in the exact same situation and would love to know what can be done about this

Copying comment from above:

The only way to get the PC and Android versions automatically is to buy the game on itch. Google Play Store doesn't make cross-platform licensing easy and they also take a larger cut thank itch.

The only way to get the PC and Android versions automatically is to buy the game on itch. Google Play Store doesn't make cross-platform licensing easy and they also take a larger cut thank itch.


Hey, does anybody know, if I purchase the game on itch, can I play the full version on android or would I need to buy it on google play?


For anybody looking for an answer to this: yup, you can. Just remember to copy achievements from the google play demo, before reinstalling.


I am blaming you for all the sleep I've lost over the last week.


Slice & Dice is right in my sweet spot. The Hard Mode feels well balanced and the variety of character dice feels infinite. I know going in that my party will die, but I'm never sure when and it doesn't feel unfair. Well done!

There is a bug that makes it impossible to see the inventory of all ten heroes in raid mode.

I just encountered level 0 heroes using a curse, and I don't see any info about them anywhere. Are they randomly generated or is there a list of level 0 heroes?

Sorry if this has been resolved elsewhere on this forum, but after downloading the Windows version, I am unable to launch it. I have extracted files using WinRAR and try to launch normally and as administrator and the application/.exe file never launches. Any tips? 


I'm having the exact same problem, have you figured it out?

The only way I've been able to get it to launch is by launching the application thru WinRAR after opening "dice-win" thru WinRAR. I feel like there should be a better way to just launch from desktop, but for now I guess this is the work-around


Awesome roguelike!
Love the dice mechanics and the excellent graphics.


Ceres Fauna brought me here and I am not disappointed!


I want to initialize all the achievements I have achieved, characters and items that have been released. I want to play 'New Game'. How can I do?


Click on the book -> stats -> unlocks. At the bottom is a button to "Reset achievements" (along with buttons to "copy achievements" and "load achievements").


Thank you very much!

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This game is incredible. Wanted to buy it for a long time and I did it two nights ago. I have no regret about my lack of sleep because of that game, it is so addictive, so complex and the thrill of knowing if you're gonna be in luck or na... Just perfect ! I'm just sad I bought it on Android, bcoz now I want to play on my pc too !


I am preaching the word of this game to anyone who will listen to me. It is everything I love about dice-based tabletops like Dice Settlers combined with everything I love about deckbuilding roguelikes akin to Slay.

Hoooooo boy. Also can I say, I really appreciate how perfectly the game resizes to any window size flawlessly.


This game slaps

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Graves are broken and need a nerf . they either need 3 blank sides or to spawn a weaker version of bones with 3HP . they are the most broken spawning enemy in the game . it literally ended so many runs i had just because i was unable to have enough cleave attacks on multiple heroes or spells . they counter any build that don't have enough attacks that hit multiple enemies .

the idea with graves is to use the skeletons to damage them.  when skeletons die, they damage adjacent foes.  manipulating skeleton damage is really fun once you get the hang of it!

graves aren't dangerous themselves.  as long as we can kill enough skeletons to keep their numbers manageable, the graves will die eventually.

that understandable strategy . but man , when you get 3 of them with few enemies in the same level . it's a run ender for me most of the time (playing on hard)


This game is everything you want from a rogue like. I can’t recommend it enough. 


I have not been this addicted to a game in a long time, reminds me of SNKRX which has the same ideas just different mechanics, both are great but Slice And Dice just has that one more run that never ends quality to it. I only heard of it through Celerity on twitch didn't even see him play it just saw the name of the game and got it on google play, so when it hits Steam its going to blow up.

GG dev/devs

Is there a way to transfer my entire progress (everything I've unlocked) or account from android to pc? I already bought the game from the playstore, do I need to buy it on pc again?

You can unlock all in the options menu (or maybe it's in the achievements section of the almanac).

Feels bad, but beats unlocking everything again.

If you go to book -> stats -> unlocks, at the bottom are options to copy achievements and load achievements. You might be able to use that to copy from Android and load on PC.

Purchasing for PC gives a file you can load on Android. Sadly, I don't believe there's any way to apply your purchase from the Play store to You will need to purchase from to gain access to the PC version, though you do get all other versions with it too.

I saw one video of gameplay on YouTube and I insta-bought this game. Congratulations guys, this is a GOOD one and it shows all the hard work you poured in it.

BTW, is there any chance to add controller support in the future? Thanks!


Are there any plans to port the game to Steam? Game seems fun, but I just find Steam much more convenient so I'd rather buy it there.

You can external games to your Steam library, although you won't be able to play it on other devices.

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I ended up having an absolutely cracked Loot run today that actually got me my first win in the mode (sure, it was on Easy, but still). My selection of blessing/curse 'purchases' this run was exquisite, and a few lucky items (Glass Blade + Silk Cape and Twisted Bar + Two Reeds come to mind, as well as Infinity for Hexia) got me through the entire run with only a couple of deaths (including a mage sacrifice to OHKO Hexia with Infinity). Even got an achievement for beating level 20 in a single turn!


A loot win, even on Easy, is an accomplishment. Great job!

why do i see streamers have copy on spellblade while i have poison. it says 2.0 is the latested updat

Anyone know what the lvl 50 otem bug (+1 - 1 hp) does? 


I was wondering, if/when the steam version releases, will the owners of the version get access to it or will they need to repurchase?


Loving the game on Windows so far! Would happily pay again for an iOS version.

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The Windows demo .zip file for this game seems to be malformed.  Rather than the presumably intended directory structure, the .zip archive instead contains a few empty directories and a bunch of files in the root of the archive, most of which contain the "\" (Windows directory delimiter) character.  I don't know whether the .zip file would decompress as expected (i.e., with a directory structure) on Windows or not, but it doesn't decompress as expected on Linux.

Attached is a screenshot to illustrate the issue:

Compare this to the Mac zip file, which does not have the same issue:


I had this same issue, though I'm on linux (running it in wine) and I thought maybe that was the issue.  Interesting that it's happening to you too.  A solution/workaround I found was to use a command-line unzip tool.  This preserved the directory structure as intended.  I did try 2 seperate gui extractors and they did the same garbage to the contents.

Is there a way to transfer saves from PC to Android?


Yes, check book-stats-unlocks


Feedback regarding unlocks.

I love the unlocks that I get from achievements but personally, I wish there was one for beating the game because that stands out to me as a momentous occasion. I just did it my first time, I used custom party.


Amazing game. Some fun combos I've found:

Twin Daggers + Blue Skink copying Valkyrie. Hexia never stood a chance... Also got me the 4-revive achievement.

Siphon + Poseidon's Trident. Works best with Enchanter, but any side that "Adds self-shield/self-heal" will serve to get your engine going, Twins are also a plus

Damage combos? What are they?

Fun game, worth the price. Give the demo a shot and you'll get hooked.

also haha hammer go brrrr



This game feels like the developer forgot to add neutralizer. Many mechanics feel broken but they work precisely as they are described in the notes. 


Is there any eta on the iOS version? No pressure of course, super excited for it.


Sometimes I come across a game where I wish I had come up with the idea, this was one of those kudos for the design. I wonder why you didn't release the game on steam, it would work there as well I am confident


I got introduced to the game through Northernlion and I got to say this is by far my most favourite roguelite this year. Easy to get into, highly replayable and enjoyable, well worth it's price!


There’s been a lot of spam and nfsw comments recently so I’m disabling comments for now… Maybe I’ll try re-enabling in a few weeks.


Or days, let’s see how it goes.


rip still getting spammed, will re-enable some time


Trying again now

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good game, bought and played it. somehow got it to run the first time. now i can't get it to run. so be weary - edit - redownloaded and got it to run, lost all progress

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