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This game is very unique, it's one of the most replayable and interesting games I've seen. If I could ask for one thing: it would be hot keys for the pc version, it would make the game a lot smoother. Great job tann!


Probably my favorite game on the phone ever. I hope you continue to update! 


Just got the game and finished my first run on easy. This game is amazing! Playing the 2.02 version. What a hidden gem this is~ ty to the Dev and artist. I love it!


I bought the game in my old smartphone a while ago.

I installed it on my new one (with the same Google account) and everything was OK. However I have been trying using the Load/Restore progress and nothing works. I only have normal mode unlocked and no achievements, progress...

Any help on how to do it? Thanks a lot!

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Dose anyone know how to update the game? I lost my link to re-downlod the game.

Game's great, but version 2.x nukes any kind of depth from its core mechanics for the sake of adding new ones, making it a complete min/max nightmare


Thanks to Retromation for showcasing this gem, wish you the best in further development. 

Cheers from Belgium.

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I loved the demo but the beta 2 version is just... sort of RNG bullshit. I really hope that some serious balance changes are made soon because it feels more like a rules-lawyer-min-max simulator than a fun dice roguelike. 
edit - been trying to play this some more and still having difficulties getting through easy mode. The final boss is literally "rocks fall, everybody dies, f*** you" level of difficulty.

will this every port to IOS?

Honestly, lovely little game, thank you for making it! :D

Just one thing...I can't seem to find a colorblind option in the options menu.

Basically, the HP color for poison damage is a little too close toe the HP color for actual health, so it's kind of hard to tell how much poison damage I'm about to take. :(

you can right click the hero/enemy to see how much poison he/she/it would get.

maybe this is a temporary solution for you.

That IS helpful, thank you!

What version is the game at right now?

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2.0.2 i think (the beta)


Dope game, addicting af, got my mom to play it.

Based mom +1


I have been having trouble getting the 2.0 version to even download, is it the demo? or am I missing something to hit the download link?

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yeah same, I saw a youtuber play it but this version has a lot less features :(

Edit: Asked on the discord. 2.x is the beta release, you can get it on the download page under the beta releases. Main game won't update to beta.


The game looks really cool but I wanted to try the demo first. I really enjoyed it and it tooks me 92min to reach lv12 (yeah, I took my time and the time flies so fast... love that :p)

I'll for sure buy it, thank's for this great game !


I'ld like a mode where you keep your same caracters all run long. On level up, instead of choosing an entirely different character, you upgrade the existing one. Offering choices to add pips on certain faces, add a new face in a specific pool to that class, gain HP or spells. Don't you hate it when you have a good team, and then you have to upgrade a character and, in doing so, you destroy your synergy? Characters could be generated like in the Generate mode, I would not mind.

How do you get version 2.0?

Download ""

from where?

Hey Tann & A3um. Love the game by the way, it's better than a lot of AAA crap that comes out nowadays! Quick question, in the 202 beta, is it possible to add a 3rd item slot into Loot Mode? It's great fun but it's kicking my ass, even on easy mode! Keep up the good work.

is there any way to pay for the game using Ideal

Space no longer confirms roll/end turn? It was a quite comfortable key to reach when playing one handed

It's a bit addictive. Rerolling mechanic adds so much depth and consistency to a game heavily reliant on randomness.


I purchased this wonderful game because of Retromation! Thank you for the great game = )

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Retromation is why I'm here. Great game! The Mac Beta doesn't even start. I get the pop-up after right clicking and selecting "Open." :'(. Tried Alt download as well. 1.03 works fine.

Nevermind...I had an inkling since it ran in the download folder for the stable version the beta may too. I was wrong. Thanks!!


Awesome game, one of the best. Just wish there was more content and variety of monsters and classes. Maybe different sided dice types.

There are 100 different classes, 59 different monsters and 322 items. That seems like a lot to me

how do i download version 2.0 for window?


Download "".

Super fun if being just a bit difficult, but I guess thats the nature of RNG, lol. Loved the random classes, makes for a very interesting party dynamic each play! Hope you enjoy the video! 

PS, F*** the Slime Queen

so i bought the original for android. how to i get the 2.0 one?

If you bought it on here, you can download dice-beta-200-itch.apk and install that, but unfortunately the dev doesn't seem to have set up betas on Google Play as of yet, so without buying it again you're out of luck. (Not sure if Google obstructs indie devs from submitting betas or something, wouldn't surprise me)

If you are on a playstore or emulator and aren't sure where to get the 2.0 update you can go to the discord server and in info tab you can find how to access it, I bought it on playstore on my phone and then downloaded the apk for bluestacks (Provided in the discord server), used restore purchase when clicking on the right side menu and now I have full 2.0 version on bluestacks, my guess is it will work similarly on your actual phone.

Do be careful though, save files might have some issues since you also have to delete old version of the game if you have it installed

I bought the game, and have been trying to get it to play, but it wont run. Am I doing something wrong?


Is there a folder where saved game data is written to?  (I would like to be able to erase all my progress, and I don't think that's the same as the erase achievements feature).

Hi all! 

I bought the game through PlayStore and my game is still in version 1.0.5... how can I update to 2.0?

Thanks all!

The 2.0 update seems to still be in beta, so it's technically not out yet. In case you want to play the beta, I'll copy and paste what I said to someone else who had this question.

If you bought it on here, you can download dice-beta-200-itch.apk and install that, but unfortunately the dev doesn't seem to have set up betas on Google Play as of yet, so without buying it again you're out of luck. (Not sure if Google obstructs indie devs from submitting betas or something, wouldn't surprise me)

any plans for linux? 


Fantastic game, I simply can't stop playing it - it hits all the right notes, and equally important - there's clear thought and creative design behind everything (especially all the different items!). <3

Is the demo inaccessible for free, because I wish to try this game first but the download button doesn't seems to work

Works for me.  Try disabling ad/script blockers, or trying in a different web browser.  Also check the top of your browser for anything saying that it blocked a download for your safety, so you can tell it to allow.

I bought the game on Google play store a while back, is there a way to redeem my code or something to play it on pc. I don't really have a way to re purchase it at the moment

I tried finding something similar, but it doesn't look like there was a way. I just refunded it on Play Store and bought it here once I got my refund, since there's an Android APK download available on this page anyway.

In Discord there's a chanel where it states that the only way to have 2 versions it's buying the PC version and redeem it on Google play store, but no the other way around. 

I did manage a workaround by downloading an Android emulator and playing my Android version on it, so there's that if it helps anybody. 

Do you plan to release the game on Steam? If so, those who bought the game here will have to buy it again?

I think I unlocked the full game through the android app. Is there a way to get 2.0 with out rebuying it?

Go into the Discord and check the #info channel. You'll have to delete the current game, but just copy your progress. There is a Google link in the channel there to the Android 2.0 APK. Just follow the onscreen instructions and allow the download and install of it. Then, just go load your progress. You'll have to go into the almanac in this version and then click the stats tab. Pretty much all you get out of it is the achievements though. Everything else is pretty much a fresh start.

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Lmao I figured it out I gonna give it a go. The game can get very hard like damn

Yea, 2.0 seems way harder than 1.0.3 was.

I think the Mimic's "spell" is worded incorrectly. It says they have the top hero's top skill and the bottom hero's bottom skill, but it appears to actually be the top hero's bottom skill and the bottom hero's top skill.

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