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One question will I get a steam key if I buy it here

Good question, I don't know yet!


Very good question! I'd like one if it's possible as I play everything through Steam.

Ok thanks!

Incredibly addictive and terrific fun. 

Is there a list anywhere of all the item unlocks and achievements? On the "Challenges" screen, he says "Secret Achievements aren't fun". I agree! So don't show me just 3 Challenges. Show me all the challenges and all the item unlock goals.


The secret achievements are things I want to pop-up at fun moments that happen naturally. A lot of them don't really make sense if you specifically try to complete them. Though I hear this feedback a lot so maybe I'll find some other way!


This game is amazing and has consumed hours and hours of my life. It has everything I love: you need to have skill but there's also RNG; binary choices for level-ups and items; unlocks; interesting party members. 
This was more than worth the price!

Extremely good game you have on your hands here! Don’t know much about your plans for ports beyond mobile but it’d be great on Switch.


Thank you! I think you're right, unfortunately it's not likely because the current game engine does not support it. iOS & Steam are coming next

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Got it! Well I'll absolutely be double and triple dipping on iOS & Steam when those land. I'm gonna be stoked when I hear the people on the gaming podcasts I listen to singing the game's praises too

Didn't mention it before but I also really really love you & a3um's enemy designs & the twists on them. Creatures like the slimes are recognizable but distinct enough to know they came from this game & "the triplet" boss girls from 1/3 of the way through are really cool. Don't know how much more you're gonna push it on the features front since I'd argue that for the price, what's included has been worthwhile already, but seeing more biomes & subsequent increased enemy varieties/designs would be really amazing!


Absolute fire, we watched it on Esty's stream today, getting crazy build and combinations. Rock&Rollin !


Ill be showcasing your game tomorrow here at!
Couldnt find ya on twitter! Start time around 11am EST
Cant wait

Oh damn I missed this! Thanks for the showcase, I'll check it out on your archives.


I currently have a let's play series of this awesome game on my channel :)

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Thanks for the video! I enjoyed watching you learn how to fail less. Yes, it would be nice if we could just mouse-over the enemies to read their attacks; but for now, you can just left-click on the enemy. And yes, a Steam release would be nice. Friends list? Auto-updating? Workshop?

Great game! If you enjoyed Slay the Spire you're gonna love this.

A hallmark in game design!


While I'm really digging the game, I have to say: I feel that enemy summons need to be nerfed a bit. It's not so much that they make the fights harder, it just gets very tedious when I'm killing enemies only for them to be constantly refreshing. This is especially true for the lich, where you're already getting hit with petrifies that make one character pretty ineffectual.

Finally beat it after five tries. Amazing game! Best I've played in a while. I would pay big money for an overland map and branching campaign-level options! I hope you do more with this brilliant design in the future.


Hi tann. Great game. Especially appreciate the availability on multiple platforms. An icon for the Windows edition would be nice.

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A Windows icon for the executable would be nice indeed!


Was introduced to this one by Buried Treasure. What a game! Easy to learn, ludicrously addictive once you're in it. Perfect for me.


I actually really really love this game but having one of the bosses use "COVID" as a bark when they cast disease is immersion breaking and sort of tasteless.  Aside from that the design is brilliant.

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Yeah I was worried about that a bit... I'll remove it from the next version. (it is done)


I am addicted to this game. However, I have be a bit disappointed it had only 20 levels. Hopefully there are several difficulty levels. I am looking forward for any update that would add more “content”.


Hi! I'm working on update at the moment that has a bit of extra content. There are lots of difficulty levels, including curse mode which you can unlock by beating the full game on hard : )

I have some plans to add more content in the future but I cannot promise anything.

quick comment on a bug I found on release version.

Rogue died to spiker when rolling their cantrip attack.  Now their die is still on the ground when the level up screen is showing, and the die is on top.  Not stopping me from pressing anything, so just a graphical thing.

Thanks for the report, I'm working on an update at the moment and have fixed this.

I've purchased the full PC version but am not sure how I can add it to my library.  I can install it on its own but any attempt to "install" the game from this page only shows me the demo as an option.

Use the website. The client is buggy with demos.

Fine work. Can't wait for the full / paid version to be released.

Fantastic game. Would love more scoring options. Also begs for some kind of node-to-node overworld progression -- maybe in the sequel? In any case, a great, solid design.


this game is great (previous version was better but I can figure out what make the previous one more fun , maybe this one is too easy and too short...) imo you should compare this version with the previous one because something brake during the update... sorry I can tell you what but I play alot (more 20h) and I strongly prefer the previous version ! good game tho!


It's soo good!!

Every time you press play you wake up 30 minutes later with a craving to play again. The whole game is jampacked with meaningful (and quick!) decisions that grab your attention and never lets go.

I absolutely love the characters! Both enemies and teammates are unique in their way of fighting and have lots of combo potential without making the game ever feeling steamrolling nor out of control with the ability to reroll your teammate's moves.

Even the difficulty increase is a quick and interesting decision of choosing what will be harder this run. Keeping the difficulty from feeling unfair and instead as a part of your strategy.

An absolute gem! 10/10

Best roguelike ever

Nice! <3


Completed the demo on hard on my first run, but had immense fun doing so! The dice mechanics are solid and there is a lot to think about.

The one thing I disliked a little bit was the mana and spell system, which often overshadowed the dice abilities. It's good, but I feel spells should cost more to offset the flexibility. This is less of a problem once you level up a bit and the dice start getting better compared to the spells.

Other than that, really solid. I loved the variety of mechanics between the various monsters, had great fun upgrading my guys to completely new dice and can't wait for more.

I would definitely pay more than $3 for the full version - don't be afraid to ask for money for this one!

In the full game please include some sort of "best run" stats as well as the career total stuff.

Fun to see this push out updates periodically!


Better than ever with the new update, the revisions to some classes feel great, tons of stuff to find, and more variety.  Cant wait for the full release. 


New update is fantastic. I’m enjoying all the items which really help you to tailor a build. Growth is a super saucy keyword!


Hey, I tried the update, and I can say I really, really like everything you've changed!

Aesthetically I really like the "map" feel, with the large skulls representing boss fights, the scrolling from area to area, etc.

I really like how the healer class now contributes a spell, I think it makes choosing characters much more difficult, which I like! (Although I didn't see if you modified the Adept, so I'm not sure if I would just take that class regardless of the spell that comes with it.)

All the new abilities and reworks of characters you did were very cool, and I never felt like anything was particularly weak.

I also like how a handful of combats now feature A LOT more enemies, so AoE is just intrinsically buffed from that.

All your new items are cool, I like every one I've seen so far, and there has been no confusion on what any of the new ones do (although that might just be because I played the last version 50+ times....) -and I really like the gamble for a random item.

One thing I used to be able to do, but cannot now, is swipe a selected die off of a character (before being done rolling, of course.)  I checked the old version and realized that it wasn't swiping that was deselecting, but rather any mouse down event instantly deselected.  Now, if you swipe up on the battlefield, you will no longer deselect the dice.  Your mouse cursor has to stay on top of the character.  I actually like the idea of left click selecting and deselecting more than swiping, just an observation.

Also, your .exe is called DiceDungeon still.

Oh, and I just started a run on Tough, and saw curses, and that is just awesome.

Really digging this update, and still can't wait for the final release!


I forgot to mention that I also really like the cool abilities you added to enemies that  trigger on taking certain damage totals.  They all feel very unique and the new enemies feel very interesting!


I'm glad you still like the game after all these changes! Thanks for your helpful comments.

I love that you even figured out the input detection change :D

very fun

Nice job! For a demo, I think you already managed to balance the game very well: the feeling of (almost) always being able to barely save a character is great.

Thanks for playing! I really love that feeling too and I try to balance to make it happen.

Do you need help with translating into Russian language?

My favorite roguelike. Even on the old version won several times. But I still don't understand how save works (

I'm a big fan of the first version and pretty sure I will enjoy this. I'm glad it turned into a professional project!

I'm going to play the role of "that tester" that is very frustrating and tell you about a couple of bugs I couldn't duplicate.  Just in case it helps track down anything (who knows, maybe they're fixed already)

1. I had a run where the warlock's ability changed from deal 4 damage, if kill deal 1 to everyone else, to - deal 4 damage, if it kills deal 5 damage to all other enemies.  I don't know what caused this but it was pretty busted.  Maybe it had something to do with the items I had equipped?

2. I had an issue where I was given a second anchor, and somehow in equipping it and moving things around, it disappeared.  I counted how many items my party had and I was one short.  I closed the app and reopened to redo the fight to verify I didn't count artifacts incorrectly.  

Also just a couple of notes after playing the game a bunch more and beating a handful of runs on hard: AoE feels very weak, I rarely take any that aren't spell based.  I think their uncommon nature is good enough for balancing having strong effects.  I feel the thief's upgrades are definitely the weakest overall, although I love the gambler and ludus.  Items that replace the left hand side feel like they should be waaaaaaaaay stronger than what they are, and items that give you a free "right side" seem like they should probably be weaker, as they're covering the chance of losing that persons turn entirely.  Items early on that replace sides of a die are nearly unusable as you level, maybe that's intended.  Also, the ability that lets you take another action if you save someone from dying are insanely powerful.  It might take some tricky order of operations, but when your Adept (I think is the class) can heal 12 nearly every round, it's insanely strong.  So, I feel it's too strong, but I also love the mechanic, so I don't know what to change if anything.  Also, if the dragon kills your whole party, but poison damage kills the dragon after, it counts as a win?  I'm not sure if other fights operate the same way.  Also, that 10 skeleton fight is BRUTAL. 

All things in the above paragraph are just opinions.  Feel free to take or leave any of them =)

Anyways, still really enjoying the game.  You've made something pretty awesome!


Sweet, thanks for the in-depth reports and stuff

1) cool bug, I had a theory about what caused it and managed to replicate it. 

2) the equipping code needs a look at I think, I'm a bit worried there's maybe a way to duplicate items haha. I will try to figure that one out and also stop you from being offered the same item twice.

Lots of good points in the text wall. I think orange upgrades are worse because I overvalued poison damage a bit, it's quite weak in non-boss fights. Replacey sides getting unusable is sorta intended, I think I need to make it clear that you have them equipped after upgrading though; it's very easy to leave them equipped by mistake. Rescue is overpowered but fun, I'm lucky this isn't a competitive game!

Very fun game that I'd happily buy the full version of but hope a commercial release would include:

1) Full screen support.
2) Meta stats recording elements of bets runs ala a Hall of Fame.

Nice, thanks for checking it out!

I'm planning lots of fun stats, I'll see if I can think of a good way to incorporate a hall of fame :)

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It doesn't even have to be really deep.  Stuff like encounters survived and average level of the group at the end might be nice.

It also might just be me, but I have little interest in cumulative stats, like the classic, "You've defeated X baddies in all games so far" unless used to tell averages so we can see how this last run compares to our best or average previous runs.

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This game is great, the build variety is immense.  After 6 runs I was still seeing new options.  The game is definitely challenging, and anyone who places dice games knows a few bad rolls can screw you up, but Ive found that between the mana system, modifying dice, and having a little overlap in the roles there's plenty of consistency for the game to really reward skill based plays.  I would love to have some degree of randomness in what battles there are, just for long term replayability.  The roguelite nature of party building is so satisfying though, I just completed my first hardmode run with sharp shooter who could potentially deal 24dmg in 1 turn. ( end fight :D, was really proud of this build)

Not sure if this was a bug or not but the skills that say "Prevent all damage to this character" also completely cured poison.  

2 QoL things I'd love: if the quick dice mode let you view the attack tooltip by holding (and just tapping locked it in). Also being able to select heros with hotkeys such as 1-5, could be context based, so in rolling phase it toggles locking in that characters die, then in the attack phase it selects their attack.  


Great job; I watched your dragon fight and it's clear you understand the game perfectly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your run!

I like your QoL ideas, I think I need to optimise for desktop better, I can use mouse-over to display information too.


Really loved the game.  Would like to definitely echo what other people have said with really liking the planning and decision making you have to do for a run.  I felt the leveling up process to be really neat and choosing items to be quite a fun process.  Enemies and combats started slow, but really ramped up with what they did, and I liked the difficulty curve a lot.

 In regards to feedback, I struggled a bit understanding when an item I could pick could only be equipped on certain heroes (before choosing them, of course.)  Also, I had no idea what the one "if this saves an ally, go again" really did.  I think it didn't explain on hover text, and didn't specify that it allows use of the exact same action again.

I also found myself clicking on the die themselves instead of the hero's portrait to view their die... a lot.  It took me awhile to figure out where to go to view the die while in combat.

I also didn't really know about the ? menu at the top, and reading through that is probably something that should also be accessible from the title screen (it might, I didn't notice it.)  It helps clear things up a lot, but I can also see how having it while the game is being shown is probably necessary for understanding.

I really liked the +X number when your hero is taking fatal damage.  It helps a lot.  I found I REALLY liked the "special hearts" enemies have that have a special trigger occur on them taking that damage.   I feel that makes fights incredibly unique.  I also didn't really know what "retreat to the back" meant, I assumed from the wording it would cancel their ability (although I don't feel it should now that I've played the game through) - so explicitly stating that they just move to the back might be helpful.

Finally the last thing is that I felt each hero's archetype was really unique and well defined.  I would almost like to see this taken further and minimizing the amount of overlap of abilities, but so far I think it's done quite well.

Great game!  I look forward to the paid version and all the extra content that comes with it!


Thanks for playing and writing up your thoughts, Squid! Lots of good points for me to work on :)


There’s a whole of replayability packed into this game. I love deciding which heroes to upgrade, where to put the items. And, the combat itself is superb. Being able undo lets you approach each round as a mini-puzzle.

I’ve gotten the best of the Dragon twice now, wish me luck for (hard) run number 3!


The planning you have to do every round after you've seen your dice is so much fun. The new enemies and dice are insane. There are so many combos and outcomes to every dice roll. Every round I wonder how I'm going to keep everybody alive! The game was fun to play years ago when I first played one of the very first demos, and it's only become more engaging since then!

5/5 from somebody who doesn't play with dice!

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