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Take control of 5 heroes, each with their own unique dice. Fight your way through 20 levels of monsters and try to take on the final boss. If you lose a single fight you have to start over so be careful (and lucky!).


- Free demo

- 3D dice physics, choose which dice to reroll

- Simple turn-based combat

- Level up a hero or gain an item after each fight

- Randomly-generated encounters

- Undo actions as much as you like, each turn is like a mini-puzzle

- No hidden mechanics, everything is visible at all times


- 100 hero classes (+20,000??)

- 61 monsters

- 354 items

- 18 extra modes, including infinite curse mode

- 300+ difficulty modifiers

- Lots of achievements

- Ridiculous Combos

- Online leaderboards

Code & design by me

Pixel art by a3um

Discord: https://discord.gg/TqUdVPSWDt

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(576 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Role Playing
Made withlibGDX
TagsCasual, Dice, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7 USD. You will get access to the following files:

windows 59 MB
android 19 MB
mac 55 MB

Also available on

Download demo

windows demo 59 MB
android demo 19 MB
mac demo 55 MB

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Really liked this game :D .

BTW can't run the Windows version after installing Java (x32 and 64 bits). Executing the game does nothing.

What version is required?


If you buy the android file on itch.io and you have the demo installed on you android device, made sure to uninstall the demo so the full game will work.


+1 for iOS! Hope there鈥檚 more development on the way, such a good game.


I just wish this was on Steam, because I`m to dumb for the payment on itch.io

Deleted 14 days ago
Deleted 14 days ago

The game is fun and highly addictive. There are also many different heroes to discover. 

However, I have one question: Is it normal that there is no music in the game?


I think so. Usualy i just play some miusic i like in background

one of patch notes states the continued lack of music as a feature, so I'm pretty sure it's intended


I'm a few hundred hours in - this game is a masterpiece! I love it, and it's the only game to hold a very big and steadily growing candle to Slay the Spire! I only play Classic Unfair, but I think it's superbly balanced and wonderfully challenging. At first I thought that the "branching factor" (i.e., number of item/hero choices after each level) was too low, but I think it makes for a unique strategic experience that is distinct from Slay the Spire and its clones. Overall, very few mindless decisions, and I am still figuring it out after hundreds of runs. Easy 10/10.


A free random bugs I've noticed in weird edge cases (on the Android version, if it matters).

  • When playing Raid Mode, if I get an item from a mimic and try to equip it to someone, it gets equipped to the last member of the party instead. Since that guy is way offscreen, I can't get it back.
  • When accepting a Fair Trade that gave me an item I already had (Chainmail, in exchange for Coiled Snake), I briefly had the item I had previously equipped to another hero and the new copy. Then I tried to equip both copies to my barbarian, and the first one vanished. Oops.
    (In cast it matters, I was playing that one on Blursed mode.)
  • Later in that Blursed run, I accepted the Coiled Snake curse to see if I could duplicate the glitch. I did. Long story short, free chainmail. I got two Coiled Snakes at the start of the next cycle, but made one disappear by equipping both to the same hero.
  • A couple runs later, I decided to see whether I could equip the Coiled Snake on two heroes at once. I can't. That's good, because now I don't need to feel guilty about exploiting the free chainmail.

And a couple of things that probably aren't bugs, but feel like they could be handled better.

  • Curses/Blessings which say something like "All heroes: +1 to sides when X happens" but don't affect hero sides added by items.
  • When a combination of curses or other effects leaves you with more mana than your maximum, but no spells which you can cast, the notification for wasting mana still pops up, which feels incongruous with the notification for usable dice that have no useful targets. (And I realize this sounds petty, but it's kinda annoying. Yes, Mr. Notification Box, I'd love to spend that mana. Go talk with Mr. Jinx over there about that.)

I went into Raid Mode, beat up a couple mimics, and decided to test the item-equipping thing. (It had been a while since I got that bug.)

I can equip Golden Thread to the yellow heroes fine. I also got Wine, which I tried to give to one of the red heroes but which went straight to the first gray hero. When I leveled up that gray hero I successfully gave it to one of the orange heroes, then tried a red one again and it went to the gray hero.

Weird edge case, but still.

Just needs some ambient background music. someone call blinch!


Great game, and love the generous demo, single-unlock, no ads, business model. Happy to support!

Does anyone know why achievement copying doesn't seem to work on Chromebook? I get the message saying 'copied to clipboard' but nothing actually copies onto the clipboard. Just trying to sync up my achievements on Chromebook and phone. Ta.

well i didn't play this game on my laptop. But i figure out that this game was free in google play. Btw, this game makes me enjoy a lot. Thanks for the game!

Just started playing this, great game! Is there any chance to make the pixel font optional? My eyesight is not very good, a simple sans-serif font would be really nice.


if i bought this on android do i have access to the pc version or do i have to buy it again?


I just started playing this on my mobile today, and it's SO fun!! This mechanic you've come up with of mapping class abilities to die faces has my ttrpg dev brain ZOOMING right now.

It's super cool of you to have desktop AND mobile downloads for one price here, thanks! I'm so excited to see what exciting new classes there are in the full version.... 馃憖

I checked the demo some months ago or so; I liked it already. Now I bought the game here and am able to play it on my mobile as well wherever I want. Cool. Thanks for that!

One tiny thing: it would be incredible if there would be a portrait mode option. I just hate it to hold my mobile in landscape... :D


portrait mode is in my dev version, coming one day

Uh, really!? How cool is this!!? Can't wait. Thanks for the ongoing development. (=

Does this game work on GrapheneOS?  

no idea, try the free demo to find out


Bruh. GENERATED heroes are so unbalanced. I play this game A LOT but holy hell like 1 out of 3 generated heroes might be useable. You definitely need to up their point pool so they get slightly more pips. As it is, i will never be able to complete Unfair Generate unless i roll 500 times to get OP setup.
Same goes for most curses, in my opinion quite a lot of them need to balanced.


Hey! This is truly a hidden gem! Please consider releasing on Steam so more people can discover this fun and wonderful game!

I also wish this was a physical game. I think I'll even make a board game inspired by this to play with my brother and friends!


hello. I鈥檓 so sorry to be another person asking this, but I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e found a definitive answer about it when searching? Is there any chance/plan that this will be released on steam? 

Thanks so much in advance. Super want to play this game!


If I got the game on the playstore is there any way to redeem it on Itch? I only ask cos I see that buying it here gets it on both devices </3

the game is fantastic if anyone is wondering - I'm asking above bc I'd love to play it on PC as well as mobile lol

do you get access to future updates as well?



If you'll get just one game from itchio, get this one.

This game is dope.


waiting for version 3.0


Any chance for a Steam release for those of us that like to have all games under one library?


I agree !!! We need a Steam version as soon as possible !!!



+1 for Steam release 


i play a LOT of timesink games. this is the only one i've ever bought twice - i just got a new laptop, and instead of moving my old files over, i want to support you again. thank you for hours of fun!!!!


Today i had to change from Android to iOS phone... So, i'm wondering is there a chance for iOS version too?

I am hoping for this too. I can no longer play cause I have an iPhone now


One of the greatest rogue-likes imo! Such a fun game (been playing the android version). Cannot wait for more content. Keep it up you guys!

I found this game on Android and bought it.
I found out later that if I purchase it here, I can also play the PC version.
There was no explanation for this in the game, so there was nothing I could do about it.
Even if I purchased it on Android, is there a way to play the PC version? I just don't know, is there a way?
Either way, I really like this game and I hope the developer continues to expand it. I don't care if it's DLC.
This comment may look unnatural because it was written with Google Translate.

I almost bought it on Android but stopped because it doesn't provide access to the PC version.


Absolutely love this game! Any chance for adding an option to always show attack lines for enemies? Gets kinda confusing having the same color multiple times in custom party.

Played this on android and its probably the best game I've played on it.


What dark art do we have to commit for the Steam release?


honestly yes I'd also love a steam release

Bought it and sadly can't install android version. The demo apk and the full version apk says "app mot installed as package seems to be invalid" 

This game is fantastic this is why I wanted to support. Hope someone can help me. 

The demo Version from. The play store worked fine. Deinstalled it before of course.


I tried it on my tablet Samsung and it worked. It seams to be something with my Xiaomi 11T Pro phone. If I figure out what I will update the post.

Figured it out. In case someone has same issues: couldn't install it with apk installer (system. Default), had to download es file explorer and it worked on my xiaomi

I purchased the game and downloaded it on my smartphone but it only install the demo version

Maybe you have the play store one installed, try deleting it and installing the full version from itch.

My bad. I solved the problem. You have to "ignore" the security about the source of the app.

Thanks for your quick answer and your game.

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I can't get the windows demo download to work, with the itch launcher. The download popup doesn't have any option for the "install" dropdown. Anyone else has the same?

Download via a normal browser works fine. Great game.

The demo for android is really good.

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QoL request:  When picking up items in the inventory, please do not move them around until I put the item down.  It makes it awkward to deal with the inventory.  Please leave a blank space where I picked up an item until I place it somewhere.  The items keep moving around and confusing me.

Alternatively, when in the inventory, please let us right-click the item to see its description without picking it up.  


Bought this for Android and it's worth every penny. Bought it again for Windows and it's still worth every penny. 

+1 vote for Steam, would buy a third time.

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