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To run this in Ubuntu 20.04, cd to the directory where you downloaded the JAR file, then run:

java -jar SliceAndDiceFull-1-0-3.jar

Slice & Dice requires the JRE (Java Run-Time Environment, which you can install with this command:

sudo apt install default-jre

SIice & Dice also requires version 8 of the JDK, which you can get with this command:

sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk

If you have another version of the JDK already installed, Slice & Dice still won't run.  Use this command to choose JDK version 8 instead of the other verison.

sudo update-alternatives --config java

I haven't tested any other Linux versions.

Thanks for this, I'll try to improve Linux export next time, it's not great that you need a JDK lol

I would add that it did not work for me with Java 11, I had to install Java 8. That might be useful info for others who try to get it running.

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Loving the game, only one issue. When creating a custom starting party, can you make it so we can hover over the portraits to see their abilities? At the moment, I can only scroll through pictures of faces, and I don't know who's who.

Also, are there plans for a full party generator, not just with starting classes? Would be very useful for theorycrafting and just having fun making intentionally over- or under-powered teams

hey this game rules, A+ stuff

Amazing game, got me hooked just like Slay the Spire a few years ago. Just one question though: is Unfair difficulty beatable? I've managed to last through 16 levels just 1 time when I got really lucky. Never got even close to that ever since

Can I ask for some enhanced keyboard control features? At the current moment, they only respond to the left shift. Additionally, there are many menus that cannot be navigated with a keyboard that I think it would be good to be able to. Finally, an option to display hotkeys on inputs (for easier targeting, for example) would be good.


Incredible game, I feel like I found a hidden diamond

May I ask, are there any future plans for the game?

so good!!!!


Just grabbed this on Android after Tom Francis's great little demo on youtube! LOVING the look and feel of it and will be unlocking it with an IAP as soon as it asks!


Thanks! The $$$ is the same on the play store. Free demo with single purchase for the full game.

Just purchased it! Wonderful!


Tom Francis just did an amazing and fun let's play on his youtube channel. Instantly bought the game even though I haven't heard about it before (or about too for that matter). Can't wait to try it out. Would be amazing to have it on Steam also.

Fantastic dice rolling game! I love lots of the decisions here - the luck first, choice after, the variety of enemies, the different difficulty levels. It's easy to stop at any time with the save each action feature, and to pick it up at any point. Overall great value for money, you can can get better value than many AAA games out of it.

hi! i found this on the android store and i love it! i just purchased the full version , and then just now realized for the same price i could have had it on pc too?? any chance i can get it on pc also without buying it twice? thanks!

I think I've answered before but it's way down there so I should put another answer up!

I don't really know about this stuff yet, I'm going to think about it once I release on more platforms (hopefully steam/ios). 

For now, you have to buy again if you bought on Google Play and want to play on PC. You should be able to transfer achievements over if you do using the copy/load progress feature.

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Oh man I am so stoked to see this on iOS!!

I saw it played by Retromation, and this is what I have always wanted out of a dice game!  The combination of gear affecting the faces and classes allows for so many satisfying setups.

I will be buying this on iOS day one, and will be getting any dlc you make for it, if any.

Genius dev!


Played the demo for a week straight, wasn't hard deciding whether to buy it or not. I'm generally not a fan of roguelikes, but this game does everything right. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the party-based combat combined with the dice aesthetic. But don't be fooled by the luck-based dice mechanic- after playing for ~2 weeks, I can tell you I very, very rarely get screwed over by the dice, at least on normal and hard mode (I haven't tried 'unfair' yet). Because the player makes the decision on whether to reroll or not, you have a bigger part to play in what actions you take on any given turn. A large part of the gameplay is seeing what dice you rolled, how those rolls stack up against the enemy's attacks, and whether you should re roll some of them or not. 

I might even go so far as to call this game a puzzle game, each turn seeing which dice will save you, and which are just better to reroll for something different. 

Another bonus that you don't see on the store page (at this time) is a specific list of the alternate modes. One of my favorite modes is the 'custom' mode, where instead of having 1 of each class (like in the standard mode), you can pick and choose what classes you want in your party. You want to do a run with 5 healers? Go ahead. You want a full party of tanks? Why not. It's this mode specifically that keeps me coming back time and time again in between runs of the classic mode. 

Taking breaks is possible, thanks to the game saving during every action, so you can put it down and come back right where you left off, which is especially good for mobile players. 

The only changes I could see being good would obviously be more classes and enemies. Not that the variety isn't good already, but I figure the more content, the better. Another idea is adding another mode where skills are completely randomized for every class- like the level 2 healer classes could have any skills from the pool of level 2 healer abilities, rather than the classes having their preset skills. The mode could be called 'random' or something along those lines.

All in all, It's a crazy fun game, and $7 is more than a fair asking price. I mostly play on PC, but I also play on phone from time to time, and it handles really well on both platforms. I highly recommend you pick up the game, and I can't wait to see where the developer takes the game.


I played the demo out of boring a few days ago. Now I paid willingly the full price to buy the full version of the game. It's great entertainment for a short break or an 2 hours play session. In short: I am addicted; in a good way. ;)

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Just wanted to be the latest to tell you what a great game you made.  I'm having a ton of fun, and feel like I've already got my money's worth.  Thanks for making this, and I hope you make some more in the future.


The Game is really good i hope you keep adding more content to keep the player around maybe some unique game mode to play ?

Hey so I love this game but I have the mac version and have gotten 40/60 heroes, but I'm not getting the unlock for it. I think I read this was fixed with updated versions, but I'm not sure how to download the patch for mac. If you could help I'd appreciate it! Thanks

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You need to choose heroes for that mode unlock, rejected heroes just get added to your seen list. (I think)


Came here because of Olexa and immediately bought the game. I really enjoyed it so far. 

I just have the feeling that poison is a little too strong especially if can literally get a run which gives you no option to cleanse it...

Additionally it feels like that you just get a thousand monster thrown at you at some point just to make it harder. Would love to see a bit more variety there. 

sadly, yes you need to replace permanently statused heroes. That’s why you get more heroes than loot.


Got this on Gplay a couple months ago, perfect mobile game to play in bed waiting for sleep to find me.

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Hey, I believe the game automatically crashes whenever you have either too much rerolls or too much mana.

I got the sorcerer and the dragon egg, giving me essentially infinite rerolls. I wanted to see how far I could go while at the final boss, but at some point the game simply crashed. I don't know how important of a bug this is to fix, since it's rather unlikely to happen, but it's definitely a bit unsatisfying knowing I can't win that 1k mana run 😅

(Can't be that rare I guess, happened to me again, second time today, this time I stopped before it crashed tho)


I had another report like this once, I'll have to run some tests (and nerf sorcerer)


Will you be giving a free Steam key to people who purchase it here?  If not, I'll just wait for the Steam release.  Very excited to play this eventually, nonetheless! :)


also interested!

agree!but I've purchased it already here

wish the Steam & IOS version coming soon!


I can’t wait to play it when it comes to iOS 


I really enjoy this game!  You have made a very cool thing


Hey! Found this game through Olexa and can say I'm already excited. However I do have one gripe, and I'm just curious if or when there is a way to go full screen and not just full windowed? Would help my experience to know how or get the ability soon :3

Full screen is coming in the next update, don't know when that is though :)

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Can't wait!


This game is a lot of fun!

'Hope a little YT trailer soon :)


This game is great. I haven't bought the full version yet, because I'm waiting for a Steam release - any ETA on that?


Had to make an account just to say this game is amazing! It really blew my mind, worth every dolar. Thank you for your hard work!


This is an amazing game. The dice variety is sooo satisfying!


we need Chinese (ง •_•)ง

we need lower local price ヽ(*。>Д<)o゜


and we need somewhere buy it by wechat or alipay




Is there any possible way to get the game for local price for Russia? 7$ is too mush for me for this game(i can buy Factorio for an example for it), but i want to support you at least with some money. 1-2$ would be okay 


Super fun, love dice games. Is there any way to fullscreen?

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not yet, coming one day

The game is a blast, thanks a lot!!

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Is there a way to transfer saves from android to pc ?

I have been loving the game so far btw, I usually play it more often on android, but I wanted to play on pc without the need of unlocking a bunch of items again.


Yep! On the title screen, click options and there's a clipboard progress thing.


Thanks, I kinda feel bad for not have searched for it before asking now since it is on such easy access, I thought I would need to transfer some hidden files or something, thanks for creating such a useful feature


scam... i payd for the real version and i couldnt download it, and now a day later when i tried again to download it i have 2 pay again. whats this bullshit

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Hi! This sounds like an issue with, I hope you can sort it out.


Really love the game, I think that a few features would really add to it, but it's really, really good.

The ability to loop after beating the final boss, keeping character upgrades and items, while adding a curse for every loop would add another layer to the game, and it would be nice to be able to play longer, upgrading every hero to max.

The ability to skip or reroll hero upgrades. This is probably something you've seen a lot, or are already working on, but sometimes I have gotten a build going that works really well with a level 2 hero and I'm forced to upgrade them. It's not run-ending, but it's annoying.

The game definitely needs music to feel complete, I don't necessarily mind the lack of music, but the it being missing is one of the few negative points the game has.

Something I think would add a layer of strategy to the game would be the ability to swap hero positions(Example: moving thief from the first position to the third). This could be done between combats, or only after bosses, only at the start of the run, or any other number of ways. There are a few things that affect certain positions, and this would let you play around those more.

That's really all I can think of right now, the game is already really solid, and super enjoyable. Thanks for all your hard work, I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come for Slice & Dice!

I'm glad you're enjoying it! 

"The ability to loop after beating the final boss" - have you tried curse mode? : )


I wouldn't mind being able to loop starting on easy and other difficulties for a more casual feel when experimenting with builds.

i just wanted to say i really love this game, i'm having so much fun with it. great work!

Hee hee.  The most broken build I have done in my handful of playings is my cantrip build.  I gave the item that gave growth +1 to the left side to my sorcerer.  My dancer had the item that gave poison to the top and bottom and an item that improved the middle.  As soon as my sorcerer hit the reroll cantrip a few times, it kept growing and eventually I was able to get about 20 rerolls.  All the time my dancer was getting either 2 damage cantrips or 1 damage poison cantrips each reroll.  In addition I was able to get a ton of mana since the middle cantrip for my sorcerer had growth as well and kept growing each time I landed on it.  Lots of fun and an easy win on hard.  :)

I replayed in easy mode with the 2 extra rerolls and was able to duplicate this with sorcerer and dragon egg combo fairly easily.  Once the reroll train get started, it basically became an infinite cycle as landing on the reroll side increases the reroll by 1 each time and increases the number of rerolls available.  I got up to about 400 rerolls and 475 mana before I got bored and ended it.  I killed Hexia with about 30 poison stacks using repeated miasma spells.


Would you consider making it possible to skip hero upgrades?  I was doing a run built around a berserker, with drain and pain on the dice, only to be forced to change him right before level 18.


This is a common sentiment and I understand the frustration, I'll think about it!


In the end, the forced choice let me do a brawler with demonic deal and blood amulet, eating through all of hexia's imps, so was still a blast despite being thrown for a loop for a bit.  Congrats on making an amazing game, probably one of the dice games with the most player agency that I've played, I can't get enough of it.

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Having an issue, small and usually fine, but I cannot resize or maximize the window, while a friend who also got it can. Any solutions?

And any plan for fullscreen option?

They're both on my list of things to try to fix : )

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Awesome. You're amazing. Btw, very addictive game, saw Retromation do a video on it, bought it and instantly sunk 10h into it afterward. Just amazing.

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