Slice and Dice launched!

It's finally done, the full game can now be purchased for $7!  Android update is coming soon-ish. Desktop and android versions must be purchased separately.

Patch notes:

- A3um has added art for all items, heroes, monsters, sides, spells, everything!

- Saves from older versions will not be carried over, sorry! I will try to maintain saves through all future updates now though

- All your favourite things have been changed, all the things you hated are still here

- More items, and tweaked the equip UI

- More monsters

- More achievements, and they now all unlock something

- Many heroes and spells and monsters have been changed

- Level generation improved, bones nerfed a bit!

- Improved collection display

- Added leaderboards

- Added stats at the end of each run

- Added bug report menu and UI scale option

- Changed input on desktop to use right-click and android to use long-tap

- Keyboard shortcuts for selecting spells & heroes

- Added a bunch of special modes to the paid version. I recommend trying curse mode!

- Fixed lots of bugs (thanks for reporting them!)

- Added lots of bugs (oops)

- Fixed visual glitches, changed animations, added sfx etc

- Spells have titles again at the bottom (if they fit)

- Changed difficulty names and curses available

- Some secrets (??)

- Probably a bunch more things I forgot to mention


windows demo 55 MB
Jun 16, 2021
mac demo 50 MB
Jun 16, 2021
windows full 55 MB
Jun 16, 2021
mac full 50 MB
Jun 16, 2021

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So stoked and will grab the second it hits the PC, but have you implemented any sort of local leaderboard/top run tracking